The benefits of buying young whisky casks

There is a lot of information in the public domain about buying casks of whisky; and becoming a whisky cask owner is a positive experience.  Buying young whisky casks, letting them mature for 5-10 or more years and selling them as mature whisky is a strategy we endorse and offer for our customers.

Key reasons to invest in Whisky Casks include:

  • Solid Returns: 10-18% per annum
  • Whisky casks grow exponentially in value as the liquid matures
  • Low Risk: A fully insured asset in a stable market
  • Exit options: Multiple exit strategies
  • Downside Protection: Fully insured and secure in government regulated HMRC warehouses to protect against losses
  • Asset backed: Like Real Estate, it’s a tangible asset with a major benefit; there’s no capital gains tax to pay on this high growth opportunity, so you keep 100% of the profits on your investment.

With young whisky casks, the purchase price is made up of actual costs; the cost of the cask itself and the cost of the spirit that goes into the cask.  Purchase prices are from around £3,000 which includes warehousing and insurance for the first year.