Raise a glass to the benefits of investing in a single cask

Step 1: Invest Today

We are stockists, not brokers and have a large inventory of casks available right now.  So, whether you are buying for investment or to celebrate a future milestone such as a wedding or a landmark birthday in the future, or a bit of both, you can select from a variety of casks of various ages from distilleries across Scotland. Why not maximise your returns by building a diverse portfolio?

Here’s an overview of our prices starting from only £2,000.

Young casks

Cask Age: 3-10 Years

Minimum Investment: £2000

Intermediate casks

Cask Age: 10-20 Years

Minimum Investment: £6000

Premium Casks

Cask Age: 20+ Years

Minimum Investment: £20000

Step 2: Reserve your purchase

Use our marketplace portal to reserve your cask. After we receive payment, ownership is transferred to you, your portfolio is updated and you’ll receive a downloadable certificate of ownership.

This usually takes three working days.

Step 3: It's all yours!

Whisky casks are a physical, tangible asset and we want the experience of owning your whisky cask to be a hassle-free and enjoyable journey. If you decide to sell, we offer multiple exit strategies to choose from with varying returns including re-selling to independent bottlers, brokers, auctions houses or listing your cask for sale on our live cask trade site.  Then on completion of the sale, you will receive a BACS payment within 10 working days.

Or if you decide to bottle your private cask, we can organise this for you too. What better way to say ‘thank-you’ to your clients, employees or share with family and friends for a milestone occasion?

Step 4: Sign Up

Our Cask Trading Portal is now live. Click the button below to create a free account, or if you're already registered you can access via your login and password.

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How do I register?
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